Governing bodies of SATORIA Group SA

Andrzej WójcikAndrzej Wójcik
Chairman of the Management Board

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Sales and Development in SATORIA Group SA since 1998. Graduated from the annual Executive Development scheme at the Canadian International Management Institute and the post-graduate studies of Warsaw School of Economics – Goodwill Management. He gained experience in business and modern management by leading the marketing and development areas of various companies on the Polish market. He spent 9 years in the USA, where he acquired business experience in running an own enterprise. Obtained the manager education degree in Poland and in the USA. Apart from professional work he actively goes in for sailing, skiing and tennis, is interested in history and cinematography.

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Lech FronckielLech Fronckiel
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Finance and Restructuring in SATORIA Group SA. Graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and the Post-Graduate Pedagogy Study. Completed internships in Germany at the University of Freiburg and LVM Versicherungen in Münster in financial controlling. As an academic he dealt with the issues of transfer of high technologies. He has been related to the Company since 1996 as a shareholder, and since 2003 he has acted as the Deputy Chair of the Management Board for Finance and Restructuring.

 Mariusz KubalaMariusz Kubala
Member of the Management Board

He has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality sector.

Working at Satoria Group SA company since 2007, currently he is holding the position of Director of Hotel Operations, Board Member, being responsible for the supervision of the operational activities of hotels belonging to the group, as well as for the co-creation of the company’s sales and development strategy. Before that, he had worked, among others, for Groupe Envergure (at present : Louvre Hotels), where he held the position of Commercial Director for Poland and introduced on polish market new hotels belonging to the Envergure Group. Worked for IBB Hotels in Poznań.

Additionally he is member of the board at VHM Hotel Management, company established in order to operate hotels under the international brands.

Marta KuniszykMarta Kuniszyk
Member of the Management Board

Since 1995 in the hospitality industry. In 1998 she has obtained a doctor’s degree at the Warsaw School of Economics specializing in the management accounting in the hospitality industry.

In the period 1995–2010 within the Orbis Group, 1999–2007 as a Development Director. Member of the Supervisory Boards in the Orbis Group companies. In the period 2007–2010 Member of the Management Board CFO in the PBP Orbis. She was a member of a team responsible for the Orbis IPO at the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2007. She took part in the process of introduction of management accounting in the Orbis Hotel Group. Hospitality industry expert and advisor. Lecturer, with more than 17 years’ experience, cooperating with the Warsaw School of Economics. Author of numerous number of articles concerning the hospitality industry and among others management accounting. In the period 2011–2013 CFO and Development Director in the company Port-Hotel, responsible among other for construction and opening of two Hampton by Hilton Hotels. Since August 2014 Financial Director in the Satoria Group.

Danuta SkalskaDanuta Skalska
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Graduated from Physical Education Academy (AWF) – the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation in Poznań and the post-graduate Manager Study of the Warsaw School of Economics. She has been involved in the company for 40 years. She fulfilled various functions over those years, from the lowest to the Chair of the Management Board. She is a hotelier by avocation. She functions in various industry’s organisations such as the Polish Chamber of Tourism.

Andrzej KozłowskiAndrzej Kozłowski
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

He has managed ULMA Construccion Polska SA (operating until 2006 under the BAUMA brand) for 27 years. Under his management, the company has transformed itself from a small concrete paving stone business into one of the leading players in the formwork and scaffolding market. Today, the company successfully services all construction sectors, investing in long-term development, individual approach to each project and close cooperation with the customer throughout the construction process.
Professionally associated with the Warsaw Industrial Construction Company ŻELBET. From 1989 to June 2016, he was the President of the Management Board of BAUMA S.A. (since 2006 – ULMA Construccion Polska S.A.). Since 2016 he has served as Vice President of the Management Board, Managing Director of the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters. He was the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Bauma Inwestycje Sp. z.o.o. and in Bauma System S.A., member of the Supervisory Board of Bauma Unicon Sp. z. o.o. in Bauma Kruszywa Sp. z. o.o. He actively participated in the works of the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers, lobbying for wise law, construction safety and ethics in business.

Wojciech Szuchnickimgr inż. Wojciech Szuchnicki
Member of the Supervisory Board

Graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering.
He holds building qualifications to design and manage construction works without restrictions, within the scope of building and construction.
Since 2007 he has been co-managing a design studio in the architectural and construction industry, responsible for designing and building several dozen public utilities, inter alia hotel facilities.
Since 2011 he successfully manages one of the best growing dental clinics in Pomerania.
Participated in numerous courses in management, finance and project management.
Endowed with great passion for sports, he has practiced fencing for 20 years, was a member of the Olympic team. Multiple Polish Champion, World and European Championships medalist.
In 2000, he was awarded the Fair Play Award by the Polish Olympic Committee for a fair attitude during sporting events.
Apart from professional work, he also practices kitesurfing and freeride skiing.

Rafał Tuzimekdr hab. Rafał Tuzimek, prof. SGH
Member of the Supervisory Board

Managing Partner of Navigator Capital Group and President of Navigator Capital S.A.
He has over 20 years of professional experience in financial and strategic advisory. He advised on the introduction of companies onto the stock exchange (IPO), mergers of listed companies, acquisitions on privatized markets and privatization, and led complex restructuring programs in a number of sectors.
He worked at Ipopema S.A. Investment House as Director of Capital Transactions, as well as at Credit Lyonnais and Arthur Andersen. He advised, among others, Aplisens, Koelner, Wielton, Colian, PKM Duda, Pamapol, Erbud, Unibep, Unimil, ZPM Frost, PT Distribution, MPM.
Graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and IESE Business School – University of Navarra. He has defended his doctoral thesis in 2000 at the SGH, where he lectures and runs trainings in corporate finance. In 2014, he received his habilitation degree. Member of Supervisory Boards of companies listed on the WSE and private entities.

Janusz WójcikJanusz Wójcik
Member of the Supervisory Board

He has over 25 years of business experience related to the management of fuel, building and hotel businesses. He initially developed his qualifications in the United States, where he has been active in the capital and real estate market for 8 years, and then in Poland, as a long-term member of the management and supervisory boards of such companies as PKN Orlen SA, TAMEX SA, TAMEX Sports Facilities SA, NOM Sp. z o.o., Netmedia SA and Satoria Group SA.
A dedicated tennis fan and aficionado of travel and cinema.

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